A Cat Cafe in Japan

Image courtesy of Michael Meinhardt on Flickr

I’ve recently heard about this phenomenon where humans can indulge in their two favourite loves at the same time: cats and coffee. In Japan, cat cafes seem to be the latest craze. I’ve heard there are more than 70 such cat cafes in Tokyo alone.

Apparently cat cafes have been around for a while though. The first one actually opened in Taiwan way back in 1998.

So what is a cat cafe I hear you purr? In these cat cafes, cats are left to roam around while the humans drink their coffee and read their newspaper things. Don’t worry the cats seem well cared for, with plenty of cosy couches to curl up on. In fact none of them are strays, and some of the cat cafes offer new homes to abandoned cats.

Cat cafes are great for the humans out there that live in rental apartments and aren’t allowed their own pets. And kitties that might otherwise be left to roam the streets have their own warm place to hang out.

Humans pay by the hour for the privilege of spending time with the felines in cat cafes. And it certainly isn’t money wasted. Spending time with us cats can be a great stress release for humans, single ones in particular. Japanese businessmen don’t have time to have their own cats at home, so many of them frequent cat cafes on a regular basis.

Cat cafes seem like a good idea for both us cats and the humans. All I can say is luckily the litter trays are stowed out of sight…

Have you heard of or been to a cat cafe?

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  • Brittany:


  • David:

    There’s a cat cafe in Totnes, Devon, England

    • admin:

      Thanks for sharing David, I did not know this! :-)

  • Jesse Legon:

    I have been to Osaka’s aptly named “cafe with many cats” a few times, it’s wonderful! It’s immaculately clean, the cats are all relaxed (you’re not allowed to touch a cat if it’s sleeping and there is a back-area where people can’t go and there are lots of out-of-reach perches for the cats to go to if they’ve had enough, but many cats mingle with the people and are perfectly happy to be stroked and have their photos taken. Every time I went I came out with an intensely relaxed sensation like I’d just been to a spa! It’s not cheap, but you wouldn’t expect it to have the same prices as a regular cafe, would you? It was, if I remember correctly, 1,500 yen for a 1 hour entrance, tea and a cake. About £15.

  • David Lockyer:

    I have a book of cat poems that would be ideal for cat/kitten cafes. Its called CATamorphosis.
    Don’t know how they would sound in Japanese but Canadian-English would be fine.

  • Helen Collins:

    I read about a new cat cafe being opened in Canada after the idea originated in Japan. Fantastic idea! I would love to go to one for a nice cup of tea and a cuddle!

    • admin:

      Fantastic – sounds like cat cafes are taking the world by storm!

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